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Extra precautions for Covid19

Moving forward into a world with Covid19 some extra precautions apply.

First of all, throughout the studio we have encouraged social distancing which means no plus ones, especially on busier days such as those during the week. 1.5 Meter spacing at all times, except between the artist and the client. I have masks available, though please notify me and reschedule your appointment if you have any flu like symptoms.

Prior to your appointment please try to keep clear of travellers and keep your social distancing strong as close contact with the artist is unavoidable. Working to prevent the spread will help my colleagues and myself keep working. This also applies to all illnesses.

On arrival please use the alcohol gel to disinfect your hands. Remember to cough or sneeze into your elbow (but not if this is where your tattoo is). We have improved our waiting space so social distancing can stay in place. I will be able to call you through to our working area once I have everything I need ready to go, please make sure to mention if you would like a mask during this time. It is preferable for you to bring your own mask, though I have some available.

While on lunch, please be careful not to touch your tattoo on surfaces and keep social distances. Most of the time your tattoo will have a plastic covering during this time but it is not always possible, although its not known to be possible to catch Covid19 through a wound infections are still possible.

Finally, look after yourselves and your family!

Stay awesome,

Ash Mars.


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